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Mystilli-Kleiner Esel E.U. Greek products

The word Mystilli is etymologically related to the eating utensils used by the ancient Greeks. When the food was liquid, they used spoons that they called "mostra" or "glossa". However, the tastiest and most common spoon was a piece of bread crust that was called "Mystilli".

Mystilli is an online store that tries to promote Greek food, as well as the Greek and thus the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet helps protect our health, the cornerstone of human life. For this reason, Mystilli has a unique, non-negotiable principle and that is to offer you pure, original quality products.

Therefore, Mystilli collaborates with small producers from all over Greece, who have dedicated their lives to producing pure, original products in limited quantities, showing great passion and affection. We are proud to present you with products that have all the necessary certifications to prove that they meet the specifications of the Food and Agriculture Organization.  We are certain that you will love them and make them a part of your daily diet.

We promise you that we will continue looking for new traditional as well as innovative quality products throughout the Greek territory and will bring them closer to you through this online store.

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