With Argan Oil and Olive oil


Women of the exotic Morocco have known argan oil* – the golden secret of beauty – for centuries.
Only... 1.6 million years later, scientists too discovered this small anti-aging miracle – the legendary “gold of the desert”.
Argan oil is exclusively extracted in Morocco from the fruit of a centuries-old tree that starts bearing fruit thirty to fifty years from the moment it is planted.
Both rare and precious, argan oil revitalizes the skin, renews cells, destroys free radicals and is extremely nutritious.
It softens dry and cracked skin, and has a very high content of unsaturated fatty acids, even more so than Shea butter! It is the perfect moisturizer for your face, body and hair.
In olivie, we have coupled the most powerful antioxidants in the Mediterranean: Moroccan argan oil and Greek olive oil.
The result is ARGAN & OLIVE OIL by olivie – the most nutritious, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle combination we might even see in nature!
Using the olivie way, we have created a product with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids (80%), an excellent source of acids and vitamins A and E that deeply hydrates, rebuilds cells, smooths and diminishes wrinkles, makes skin supple, reduces visible signs and scars, regulates sebum secretion and soothes irritations.
Our top anti-aging cosmetic line that protects and cares to help regenerate skin, by applying nature’s wisdom and scientific knowledge.

*Argan is currently protected by UNESCO as a world cultural treasure.