“Oxos” 5 years old Vinegar 500 ml

15,33 €
Oxos 5 Jahre gereifter Essig 250ml8
30,66€ / 1Lt

OXOS This wonderful vinegar is produced from the local grape varieties of Epirus, known as Debina and Vlahico. It has been allowed to age in oak and chestnut barrels for 5 years. It has obtained a 'small fruit' aroma and a nut and spice lavour. The ageing softens its taste and adds a velvety texture to it, while preserving the spicy notes and its particularly rich body, at the same time. Its deep crimson red colour turns into a deep reddish brown, reminding us of a very mature red wine. Its bottling is done without any processing and filtering. This is how its flavour and taste are preserved and highlighted. Enjoy its full body and spicy flavour in all salads and in boiled or grilled vegetables. You can also add some as a finishing touch in the preparation of some fillet steak, cooked in a frying pan. It's exquisite, added to grilled fish too. Include it in your ingredients and reveal nature's hidden potential. All you need is to use your imagination!